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Saving Hallowed Ground Endorses History Relevance Campaign's Values Statement

The Board of Directors of Saving Hallowed Ground recently voted to endorse the "Value of History Statement" created by the History Relevance Campaign. As an organization dedicating to promoting engagement with and appreciation of the past, Saving Hallowed Ground is thrilled to see the work being done by other organizations to promote the study of history and its relevance to contemporary life.

The History Relevance Campaign is a diverse coalition of history professionals dedicated to exploring and probing what makes the past relevant to today. They serve as a "catalyst for demonstrating, discovering and promulgating the value of history for individuals, communities, and the nation." Their Statement of Values outlines some the many ways history remains more relevant than ever for understanding the modern world.

Saving Hallowed Ground finds the Statement's emphasis on the unique ability of history to promote engaged citizenship, leadership, and an appreciation of legacy to be particularly poignant. As the Statement puts it, "Through the preservation of authentic, meaningful places, documents, artifacts, images, and stories, we leave a foundation upon which future Americans can build. Without the preservation of our histories, future citizens will have no grounding in what it means to be an American."

This sentiment is a significant aspect of what drove Saving Hallowed Ground to endorse the Value of History Statement. As Saving Hallowed Ground Board President and Co-Founder Eugene Hough reiterated this commitment to legacy in his comments on the endorsement. "Our community monuments, markers and historic sites provide us all with a virtual tapestry of time to ponder and reflect upon," Hough said. "Each site uniquely provides for the opportunity for historical narratives and stories about the people and events of times past to be brought to life. All the more reason to preserve and protect these vital assets in order to share with future generations."

Saving Hallowed Ground is proud to join the more than 100 other history, museum, and archive organizations across the country in endorsing the Value of History Statement and the History Relevance Campaign. You can find more about the Campaign at their website,

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