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Protecting our future by preserving our past.

For Do-It-Yourself Projects, our Monument Education & Preservation Program links community members with the hands-on work of monument and marker preservation.  We can refer you to the sources of information that can guide you through the process.  By getting students, veterans, and others actively involved in preserving and restoring historical monuments and markers, our program encourages individuals to engage more deeply with the history of their local communities. By deepening communities' engagement with their past, we hope to promote civic engagement and the strong stewardship of community and neighborhood resources.

When you want your monument restoration project done professionally, we are prepared to refer you to qualified professionals to complete the project.

Saving Hallowed Ground is actively developing partnerships with individuals and organizations interested in participating in or supporting any aspect of our Monument Education & Preservation Program, including  historic sites and societies, schools, scouts, and other student groups, and community organizations of various kinds. We require a sponsorship donation of $250 to support Monument Education and Preservation clinics.

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