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Our Mission

Saving Hallowed Ground promotes engagement with and appreciation of the past by connecting individuals and communities with historic preservation and commemoration initiatives.

Our Values

We are dedicated to and guided by the values of Education, Preservation, and Stewardship.

Our Vision

Saving Hallowed Ground works to generate a deep link between communities and local history by involving individuals in the work of historic preservation and commemoration. By restoring monuments and markers, planting memorial trees, and unveiling our flag, we strive to strengthen the links between individuals and the history of the communities in which they live. It is our hope that, by encouraging communities to think deeply about their history and to actively participate in preservation projects, that we will help create a stronger appreciation of the past, a deeper level of civic engagement, and a firmer commitment to the good stewardship of community resources.

Education | Preservation | Stewardship



Mark Anderson

Board Secretary and Treasurer (on leave of absence)

Mark Anderson is the Secretary and Treasurer of Saving Hallowed Ground's Board of Directors. Mark received a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Drexel University and is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Mark is a family historian with an interest in local history and is a member of the Haverford Township Historical Society, Lower Merion Historical Society, Lower Merion Conservancy, Friends of the Grange and Friends of Laurel Hill Cemetery.  Currently on leave of absence.

Barry Johnson

Board Member - interim Chairman of the Board

Barry is a retired software developer, a Pennsylvania World War One Centennial Committee volunteer, and holds a Bachelor of Science in History from the University of Cincinnati.  Barry  lives in Blue Bell, PA.

Anthony Selletti

Board Member - interim Treasurer

Anthony is a Licensed Practical Nurse, and also holds a Bachelors of Science in liberal studies with a concentration of Computer Information Management from Neumann University, which he utilizes in creating web based information systems. He has been involved in historic site preservation for over 40 years. He is a historic events researcher and author and he also created the Saving Hallowed Ground Follow The Flag program. Anthony researches the lives of men from our nation's history and tells their stories through first and third person portrayals at living history events.

Barbara Selletti

Board Member

Barbara is an academic librarian at Neumann University, and also holds a Master of Science in Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Direction from Neumann University, which she utilizes in grief and loss counseling. She has been involved in historic site preservation for over 40 years, and is a genealogy and historic events researcher. Barbara researches the lives of women from our nation's history and tells their stories through first and third person portrayals at living history events. Barbara also created Saving Hallowed Ground's Memorial Tree Program, after conducting research into a similar program developed during the World War I era.

Kris Wiedegreen

Board Member

Kris is an armed forces, expeditionary forces veteran of the USS Port Royal CG - 73. He has been everything from College Athlete, Special Educator to currently Staffing and Recruiting Consultant for the Engineering fields.  He lives in Phoenixville, PA, with his wife and two sons.

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